Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Power tools? Uh oh...........

I want to start this blog by saying no animals or people were harmed in this story. As for the wall......I'm so sorry wall! I will back up a bit so this story makes a bit of sense. I have an amazing client who was not only taking care of her pets, she was doing her best to take care of a family member's two cats. Long story short, I insisted the two cats come stay at the hospital until I could find them a home. Whenever I would attempt to make introductions to a potential new family, Willow would hiss. Three months later, they are still with me.

What is a girl to do but revamp the home office into a forever cat room? Hit the internet and found some "easy to install" wall cat shelves. Not so much! I ended up buying out most of Home Depot's wall brackets. I wasn't taking a chance on the girls getting hurt. It was both frustrating yet very fun to get it done.

My supervisors did not seem to think I could do it without their help!

Pretty sure Cardinal was wondering if I had lost my mind. It may have been what I was muttering......

Woohoo!! Finally finished.

Hoping they think their new digs are pretty cool!

So today was the day, I brought them home. I had food out in a variety of places and some well placed pinches of catnip.

The shelves are holding!!!! Huge relief! : )

Willow is certainly more confident in my carpentry skills than Sadie!

It could also be because she was having a blast with the catnip!!!

I think they are happy and I am absolutely thrilled!


  1. Looks awesome! What a great idea.

  2. Yes its look awesome i wonder what time of power tools you use to get on that design are you a power tools specialists