Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Puppy and kitten brain mush

I have a confession. I absolutely loose all ability to be professional walking into the appointment room when there is a kitten or puppy. I can't tell you the amount of times the staff have reminded me that I am supposed to walk into the room, greet the owners and introduce myself while looking them in the eye and then greet the puppy or kitten.

Here's what goes on in my brain. Ok, this time, I'm going to be professional. I can do this.............I open my mouth and out comes cooing baby sounds. I pick up (possibly grab puppy or kitten out of the owner's arms) the little one and tell them they are going to have a good time with their auntie Bourque. I am sure that many owners would have no idea who I am except for the fact that I wear a white smock and wear a name tag.

I have been doing this for as long as I can remember. I would fall asleep with the litters of puppies piled on top of me (honest Mom, I was doing my homework, I just couldn't move and disturb the puppies). I think that when the day comes that I can't completely enjoy these little miracles, I'd better hang up my smock.

I only vaguely remember this picture being taken one Sunday morning after we'd completed the assessments for the new dogs coming into the PALs program. One of the volunteers brought in their puppy for a little socialization and this is what happened.......

Friday, June 8, 2012

Quirky night

My evening last night was rather interesting. Not only did I get very lost on the University of Calgary campus after being stuck in the wonderful traffic jam on Crowfoot, I got to meet Bob from Quirks and Quarks. I had been asked to come answer a question for the Quirks Question Roadshow. Dogs peeing isn't the sexiest topic to talk about but it was so much fun to be there. I wish that when I'd been asked about the fire hydrant, I'd said something along the line the dogs were urinating as "reply all".

Here's the link if you want to hear about this and other interesting topics: